3 Ways Detroit Businesses are Manufacturing Now to Fight #Covid19

March 22, 2020

While most of the world waits to get back to work or some sense of normalcy, some of our Detroit small businesses are getting to work on new ideas. 

With a timely and immediate need for healthcare supplies, these local companies are pivoting their product line in Metro Detroit to help us fight Covid-19. 

It’s inspiring to see our manufacturing might come together, and sends us a chill of inspiration. Thank you for doing this work and please share with us other Metro Detroit businesses and manufacturers we should add to this list. 

Breweries and distilleries are producing their alcohol into hand sanitizer. 

Area breweries and distilleries are changing their production orders from liquor to  hand sanitizer. Some cited by the local media this past week include the Ann Arbor Distillery, Griffin Claw, and one of our local favorites Detroit City Distillery, who is producing in bulk and soon for the general public. 

Detroit Sewn takes an order of 50,000 to make masks for area hospitals, others join too.

Pontiac-based Detroit Sewn has shifted to making hospital grade masks, and plans to hire an additional team of sewers in the very near future. Local hospital provider Trinity Health has already placed an order for 50,000 masks made by Detroit Sewn according to Crains Detroit.  Other local manufacturers are also shifting their product line including Detroit Denim who will be making masks too. Industry groups like ISAIC, a non-profit supporting the industry of sewing and design, is helping support this shift and connect to hospitals.

Ford and General Motors are producing masks and ventilators.

Ford and General Motors are now shift to producing ventilators. General Motors is partnering up with other manufacturers to produce at least 200,000 ventilators in the near future according to the latest in Crains. Ford is also all in on producing masks and ventilators too, citing their past roles in world wars and ready to serve the community. Check out this recent interview with Bill Ford.

As a small business at Bamboo, we know that we have to stay in this together to fight both the health and economic disruption of Covid-19. We’re taking special measures now to support our members and are open to virtual memberships. Learn more about this here. 

Photo above from Detroit City Distillery.