The Wellness Perks of Co-Working Outside

June 5, 2024

As coworking continues to grow, so does the need for wellness in our spaces. 

Spaces with natural light, plants, and options to outdoor work space can boost productivity and help you feel good. At Bamboo in Ann Arbor, we’ve designed our rooftop space to serve as a daytime coworking area and flexible event venue. 

During the day, members can choose from cafe tables, lounge seats, high tops, or a large communal table for work or meetings, providing a variety of options, some in sun and some in shade.  

There are several wellness benefits to coworking outdoors together. Consider the following when choosing your coworking space.

Health Benefits - Taking a break to work outdoors for a bit, especially in the summertime in Michigan, can give you a nice boost of Vitamin D and help to regulate your mood. Natural sunlight in healthy amounts can help you feel good and re-energized. 

Productivity Boost  - Many of members share that changing their environment to work outside boosts their productivity. A variety of settings can enhance creativity, helping you feel stuck. Working outdoors can also help reduce stress, as natural settings have been known to promote relaxation and focus. 

Connection & Community - Bamboo designs a mix of common and private areas to provide a balance of focused work and connection with your community. Outdoor spaces like our rooftop space in Ann Arbor can serve as those gathering spots for casual connections. Our team is organizing member events on the rooftop as well as letting members plan and book their own team offsites and outings. 

Since the pandemic, many people have come to value time outdoors more. Cities have increased outdoor seating and provided flexibility for restaurants and retailers. We see a similar trend in coworking spaces, where outdoor space will be a perk for modern workers. 

Have you tried our outdoor coworking options at Bamboo Ann Arbor? Check out this coworking options and share your thoughts with our team.