Member Perk Spotlight: Home Turf Gym

March 25, 2024
Maureen and Erin of Home Turf Gym

Hi! Tell us your names.

Maureen Ashley and Erin Szaroleta

What is the name of your company?

Home Turf Gym

What is the story behind your business? …What inspired it, what is your mission or purpose, what are your guiding values? 

Home Turf was established to provide a unique space designed specifically for people who want to focus on building strength, confidence, and community.

Our community will encourage and support you along your fitness journey, providing you with the accountability and motivation you need to succeed. 

We are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment, where all people feel comfortable and empowered to reach their fitness goals.

We believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background, age, or fitness level.

Our values revolve around consistency, attunement, simplicity and ownership.

Awesome! Did you have a project or customer that you believe changed the trajectory of your business? How did you find this opportunity? What did you learn?

Opening this gym was the biggest game changer.  We had a few people who really believed in our vision and they helped us make this a reality.  We learned that people are the basis of what we do and we have built an environment that gives our members the support they need in order to be successful.  

Have you had a major challenge on your journey that caused a transformation or pivot? What insight do you carry with you from this experience?

The entire build was super challenging and we learned that we are a lot more resilient than we thought possible.  We also learned to be flexible.  A change in plans doesn't always mean you are sacrificing your vision.  

That’s a great perspective. What is one thing you hope for the future of your industry?

We hope our industry gets honest with those looking for guidance.  They need to stop selling quick fixes, preying on the weaknesses to sell a product and get down to just helping people.  

We are big community people too, what do you get most from participating in our community at Bamboo? 

We look forward to sharing more of our knowledge in order to help others be more productive in their own careers and lives. We get to be more active and helpful in our community.

*Home Turf Gym has hosted a couple of movement activations for our Royal Oak members already, and we look forward to working together again!

How can our community keep in touch with you?,

Instagram: @hometurfgym

Thanks, Maureen and Erin!

Home Turf Gym is one of our Member Perks! They offer 10% off of the first two months of any small group of one to one contracts.