House Rules & Code of Conduct

This is a kind and collaborative shared workspace for all. Please be mindful of the following house rules.

General Space & Community Rules

  • Be kind and show respect to all members and visitors.
  • You are responsible for your guests at all times. You must be present with your guests onsite at all times. Minors must be present with proper adult supervision at all times.
  • Always return resources you use and keep shared space tidy.
  • Be mindful of your indoor voice. Book rooms when taking calls or use headphones in common areas. Offices are asked to keep their doors closed when hosting meetings and calls.
  • Be mindful of your bookings. Cancel when changes occur, and book additional hours when staying over. Do not move the conference room tables at any time.
  • To utilize conference rooms, book through the Bamboo member portal or app. Failure to book conference rooms and phone booths can result in fees. Note phone booths have a two hour limitation. Always read signage present for latest room guidelines.
  • Lock or store your property. Notify us of any lost or found items.
  • Space is for professional work activities. Social events and non-team gatherings of more than 15 people are considered events and must be approved by Bamboo. Failure to get event approval will result in Event Rental Fees and possible termination of membership.
  • Food left out in common areas is for sharing. Food with labels on it in the fridge belongs to someone. Please read any signage in the kitchen. No additional or personal kitchen appliances are allowed at anytime.
  • No candles or space heaters are allowed at any time.
  • Media, photo shoot, or video shoot inquiries must be approved by the Bamboo team to avoid disruption and respect privacy of our members.
  • Respect others’ need for focus: While we encourage socializing and networking, we ask that you respect your fellow coworkers’ need for a distraction-free workspace.
  • If you observe disruptive behavior, speak with management immediately.
  • No pets at anytime unless they are Service Animals. To learn more about what we define service animals, visit
  • No smoking at anytime inside any Bamboo location.
  • No sleeping at anytime inside any Bamboo location.
  • No firearms or weapons at anytime inside any Bamboo location, with the exception of law enforcement carrying out their official duties.
  • Members and guests are not allowed to bring, consume, or possess alcohol on the premises unless it has been pre-approved by Bamboo in accordance with Michigan State Law. Requests for alcohol use must be submitted in advance, outlining the purpose, type, and quantity required, along with any necessary permits or licenses as per the state regulations.

For office decor please refer to these house rules:

  • Lightweight items such as rugs, TV's on stands, curtains, your own personal furniture, plants, decor, LED candles or lights, and battery operated electronics are allowed in your office.
  • Please note that installation of TVs or anything into or on the walls may cause you to risk losing your membership deposit.
  • Please note the installation of adhesives, stickers, decals, to windows, walls, or surfaces may cause you to risk losing your membership deposit.
  • Please do not write on or damage walls or furniture.
  • No painting or physical changes to walls are allowed at any time.
  • No candles or space heaters are allowed at any time.
  • Servers, microwaves, appliances, mini-fridges or freezers are not allowed inside private offices.

Bamboo Guest Policy

As a member you are responsible for your guest(s) at all times. As a member of Bamboo you must have a room booked for the meeting and be present with the guest at all times. We ask for all guests to mind the following: 

  • Arrive and check-in with our front desk team
  • Follow all house rules at all times
  • Guests working in common areas must purchase a day pass
  • Day passes are available during normal business hours, excluding holidays. Coworking members and above have access to 3 complimentary guest day passes per month. Additional passes may be purchased.
  • Members are responsible for greeting guests and ushering them in for the meeting, leaving our building and spaces closed and secure at all times.

Bamboo reserves the right to speak to guests about their usage in the space and charge for usage as appropriate.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Bamboo is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming space for all. This means that at anytime harassment of any guest or member will not be tolerated. We are dedicated to ensuring a safe experience for all, regardless of gender, age, identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, race, or religion.

At no time will offensive comments or behaviors be allowed. This includes comments on any personal behavior or appearance, sexual advances or comments, threats or intimidations. In any unfortunate event that you experience this, please report right away to management. You may submit a confidential report in the form of a written letter left at the front desk or in the form of email to our general box. Bamboo holds the rights to ban and terminate any guest or member who does not follow our code of conduct and anti-harassment policy.

Smoking Policy

Bamboo is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its members and guests. As such, smoking and vaping are prohibited on all company premises. This policy applies to all members and their guests.

Bamboo Community Events Statement

Bamboo is a co-working and entrepreneurial community. We value community, diversity, equity and inclusion. We uphold these values in all in person and virtual spaces and in person events. We do not tolerate any form of harassment, racism, sexism, or inappropriate behavior at any time and will remove any inappropriate behavior immediately and report it to any employer or affiliated organization.

Member Event Requests

  • Events are recognized as any group size of 15 or more gathering outside of a meeting room, and/or any gathering needing to rearrange physical space and /or after hour or weekend requests for gathering.  
  • Photo and video shoots in common areas are treated as a community event.
  • Event requests must be approved by Community Managers.

Member Expectations:

  • All events must be approved by the Bamboo team with at least two weeks notice for staffing and scheduling purposes.
  • All events need to have an event contract signed by the team member and business hosting.
  • All events must disperse at the end of the scheduled event or risk additional event charges.
  • All events must be staffed by the Bamboo desk team.
  • Event bookings must remain in the booked space or the Bamboo team can charge for additional event rentals the use of different locations.
  • All "As-Is" events require the space and all furniture in the space to remain "As-Is"
  • Renter shall leave the Space in the same or similar condition as when Renter entered.
  • Any events that require additional setup must be discussed ahead of time and conducted by Bamboo staff or team.