Why Detroiters Should Choose a Coworking Space Over A Traditional Office

July 11, 2018

Detroit has quickly established itself as a startup city. Detroit startups have exploded in the last few years, with new startups being created every day. After that first tough stage of initial growth, team building, and funding, suddenly there’s a full team and an exciting decision to make: where your company will set up its next home.

The initial thought might be to rent a full office, but that’s not always the best choice for a startup. A coworking space has distinct advantages that can specifically help a company or organization making their first move.

The easiest move you’ll ever make

Moving to a full office involves managing and negotiating leasing contracts, rent, utility costs, infrastructure costs, plus any other expensive surprises that could occur along the way. Instead of dealing with all of that, you could switch into a coworking space and start your company’s next stage of growth in a way that is totally stress-free. Coworking spaces have the infrastructure, flexible contracts, and utilities that your company needs to hit the ground running. Plus, sometimes there’s free coffee!

Built in work-life balance

Studies show that a combination of a well-designed work environment and a well-curated work experience is the key to loyal, confident, and authentic employees. This environment and experience can be overwhelmingly difficult to create from scratch, especially with limited resources. Don’t worry, though--coworking spaces come with these built in.

When used as a flexible workspace, coworking spaces give employees a sense of control over their work environment. Individuals can choose between quiet spaces or social spaces, and can even work from home when needed. Coworking spaces promote an environment where autonomy is valued, earning employee appreciation and dedication in return.

Collaboration as community

Coworking spaces are built on the cornerstones of community, collaboration, learning, and sustainability. Coworking members tend to share those values. The entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startup team members in coworking spaces have a wide variety of skills and industry experiences, but they are all a part of the same community. These shared values lead to a sharing of perspectives, skills, and experience, which in turn can lead to breakthroughs and innovations, just by being in the same space.

This doesn’t just happen on the individual level, either. The startups who base their offices in coworking spaces often form a community between themselves. They can easily form partnerships, share ideas, and make connections, boosting each other in a casual partnership.

In the constantly-shifting business environment of Detroit, coworking spaces provide a reliable, inclusive, and effective place for startups to land. At Bamboo Detroit, we’re always excited to welcome new members, both to our community and to the Detroit business community at large. If you’d like to get your startup involved, please contact us!