Why Detroit is the Place to Be for Young Professionals

July 30, 2018

Detroit has quickly gone from surviving to thriving. Now, we’re a bustling city ready to welcome anyone looking for exciting opportunities and exciting activities. Here’s why Detroit is the place to be for young professionals.

Past and Present of Innovation

Detroit has always been a city of innovation. That innovation began with the auto industry and was fueled by the growing focus on information technology. The Recession burned out many of those main industries and shook our city to its core, but like a forest fire, it also left room for change and growth in its wake. Arts and cultural businesses began to thrive; food became a core focus; technology changed in our favor; the Motor City slowly began its shift into the Mobility City.

Now, Detroit is full of budding startups and overflowing creativity, with opportunities for young professionals around every corner.

Variety of Industries

These opportunities aren’t restricted to specific industries, either. Detroit holds creativity and opportunity in almost every field, including, but not limited to…

  • Technology (information, financial, automotive, bio, and health)
  • Business services and consulting
  • Marketing and communications
  • Mobility and transportation
  • Design and arts
  • Entertainment
  • E-commerce
  • Hospitality
  • Energy
  • Food

With innovative companies rising every day, these industries often overlap, creating a vibrant intersection of creativity and collaboration. With the number of growth opportunities, it’s easy to shift from one industry to another and find the place that’s best for you. It's ideal for young professionals starting a career or looking to make a change to look at Detroit. 


Detroit places a high value on community, whether that community is your workplace, your coworking space, your neighborhood, or the city as a whole. Detroit businesses tend to value collaboration over competition, with positive social impact as a core pillar of the business community. Despite its large geographic size and population, Detroit knows how important it is to respect, look out for, and learn from one another. Young professionals can benefit from the support of being in a close and friendly community, a small town feel inside a big city environment. 

Detroit is also very diverse. Detroit has been cited as one of the best cities for women in technology. The city also boasts the highest percentage of African-American-owned businesses in the entire United States. Many young professionals and millennials value creativity and diversity, making Detroit an attractive place to work and live. 

Unique Work Culture

Detroit is in a state of economic and societal change. People are flocking to the Motor City from all over the country and world, combining with existing Detroiters to build unique work environments. The thriving startup culture and gig economy has brought coworking to the forefront, challenging the linear mindset of the automotive sector. East Coast, Silicon Valley, Canadian, and Chicagoan forces combine with old-school Detroit grit to form a new, future-focused work culture that hasn’t been seen before and can’t be found anywhere else.

Industry Meets Nature

Despite our factory-focused history and harsh winters--or maybe because of those factors--Detroit is all about the outdoors. From the Rouge Park Riverfront to the Martius Park Beach, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with nature--even in the middle of the city. During the summer, the Riverwalk is the go-to spot for festivals, date nights, and lunch break strolls. Belle Isle preserves nature in the middle of the river while providing the perfect picnic spot. Even in the winter, there are still ways to get fresh air and enjoy the beautiful environment around us.

On top of a general appreciation, green spaces and environmentally-friendly transportation has been a priority of Detroit’s redevelopment. The MoGo bikes around the city provide fun, reliable transportation to commuters and tourists alike; greenways like the Dequindre Cut provide safe, quick ways to get across town. Many companies offer a variety of carpool and shuttle options. With the Q Line and automated cars already populating Detroit streets, a public-transit-focused, environmentally-friendly commute seems to be in the very near future.

Variety of Neighborhoods

It seems like everyone is saying this, but we feel like we do, too: the Motor City is more than just Midtown. Midtown is full of great restaurants and trendy boutiques, but it’s also just a tiny slice of what the city has to offer. Detroit is full of amazing neighborhoods with their own distinct benefits and history. Whether you want to be in the middle of the action in Southwest Detroit or enjoying quiet nights in Rosedale Park, there’s a neighborhood that’s perfect for you.

Detroit is the perfect place for young professionals. With a strong community, emphasis on creativity, and beautiful scenery, we can’t think of being anywhere else. If you’re interested in working in Detroit or getting in touch with the Detroit business community, check out Bamboo’s events and office pricing.