Reset Retreat

February 6, 2023

Every new year, individuals look for ways to start creating healthy habits and setting themselves up for a great year ahead!

The Bamboo Team in Royal Oak wanted to help their community by starting the year off strong with a Reset Retreat! The event was spearheaded by Bamboo Royal Oak’s community associate, Ally Baird! The goal of this all day event was to have those who attended walk away with a deeper understanding of their mind, body, and soul. This public event was advertised to our members as well as to the community through our EventBrite. Doing so helped create an amazing group of individuals for the event that came from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

Before the event started, guests were welcome to head to the lower level café to grab a quick and healthy yogurt bowl to jump start their day. The yogurt bar included a variety of fruits, granola, and toppings for all taste buds. It was the perfect little treat before a jam packed day!

The day started off in the morning with an intention setting workshop. Attendees got comfortable while Gabrielle Hardin led us through the session. We started by doing some breathing exercises and started to find our intentions for the day, for the event, for the week, and for the year. Gabrielle kept a pace that felt relaxing, but still structured. Having that moment at the beginning of the day helped set the tone for the rest of the event. Following the session, event attendees decided to keep close and continue to open up and share with one another their thoughts and aspirations.

Next on the schedule was a morning yoga flow led by Citizens Yoga instructor, Casey Miller. The lower level café was filled with yoga mats as guests were eager to start their session. Casey guided us in a few flows while also ensuring we were comfortable and breathing at all times. We walked away from the yoga flow not only rejuvenated, but also stronger mentally and physically.

Following morning yoga flow, attendees were welcome to use our space for coworking if they had any business to take care of during the day. Before we knew it, it was lunch time. Lunch was provided by Chef B with Sister on a Roll and it was so delicious and nutritious! Guests had the option between two different salads, as well as some grilled chicken to top it off. The meal kept us all energized and ready to take on the afternoon sessions.

The afternoon sessions began with a Wellness Panel of business owners within the Health and Wellness space. We had a total of 4 panelists from 3 separate businesses. We had Kandice Moss with Moss Therapy, Meredith Begin, and Janelle Fox Herbert and Lindsay Irrer with The Barre Code. This panel discussion was moderated by Amanda Sweet which helped make the session continue to feel very intimate and allowed for all to be very venerable and open with their thoughts, comments, and opinions. It was great to gain feedback from professionals in the industry.

The afternoon sessions continued following the panel with a journaling session led by Amanda Sweet. Amanda prompted the group with questions revolving journaling. Having attendees think about things such as “why we journal,” “how we view journaling,” and “how journaling makes each of us individually feel.” After Amanda gave us the time to complete our thoughts, we came back together as a group and discussed. This session allowed everyone to reflect on themselves, but also have an open and honest conversation to reflect as a group. The support and understanding that stemmed from this session radiated through the discussion.

To end the day off right, we finished the Reset Retreat with a Releasing Yoga session with Briahna Knowles. Retreat attendees headed back downstairs to the café area to reunite with their yoga mats. Briahna led the group through low intensity flows that helped the group really calm down and connect with themselves and the energy of the day. Ending the Retreat on this note gave everyone a full sense of release and reset as we completed the 40 minute flow/meditation. Every attendee that got to experience this event walked away from it confident and feeling reset.

We could not thank Ally Baird enough for putting on this event and executing it so beautifully. Connections were made, ideas were shared, and minds were rejuvenated. Everyone involved and even others that were sad to have missed it, are excited for more opportunities like this one in the future at Bamboo. Be sure to keep up on our EventBrite and website for all upcoming events!

Gabrielle Hardin - Life Aligned Counseling

Casey Miller - Citizens Yoga

Chef B - Sister on a Roll

Kandice Moss - Moss Therapy + Wellness

Meredith Begin - NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

Janelle Fox Herbert + Lindsay Irrer - The Barre Code

Briahna Knowles - Hype Wellness Group