October Member Programming Recap

Brittany Eshelman
November 3, 2021

This month, we brought members together through our Fall festive events!

  • Pumpkin Decorating
  • Lunch Exchange
  • Cider and Donuts
  • BamBOO Fest

Pumpkin Decorating

Detroit | Royal Oak

It’s spooky season and Bamboo is always down for a fun, crafty, member event! On October 6th, we brought together our members for a Pumpkin Decorating experience. Not only was it a break from the normal work day, but we had the opportunity to meet and connect with different members from the space!

“Pumpkin painting was a great way to meet some of the other bamboo members and take a break from remote work, and the cookies and cupcakes were very appreciated! I’m looking forward to attending more events like this in the future.

— Brian Schlenker

“It was great to participate in this event with Bamboo’s growing community. I enjoyed the opportunity to express my creative side in a different way than I normally do at work.

— Steve Kontos

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Image from iOS.jpg
“I loved the activity from start to finish. It was not only fun painting the pumpkins but also bonding with fellow friends at Bamboo!

— Frankie Xu

“It was such a treat to take a midday work break to decorate pumpkins with Bamboo coworkers. I loved getting to know them on a more personal level and doing a craft that I never would have done on my own.

— Amanda Doster

The Lunch Exchange

Royal Oak

The Lunch Exchange provided the opportunity for our members to share advice and tips in their areas of expertise while polishing up their public speaking skills. Each speaker had 10 minutes to present. Members used this chance to connect with others, share ideas, and learn from industry leaders.

The topics that were presented on were:

  • Starting and Scaling a Company
  • Five Steps to Becoming More Referable
  • Tell Your Brand’s Unique Story and Video


Cider and Donuts


Cider and donuts are quintessential for Fall in Michigan, and our Detroit members enjoyed the afternoon snack while saying goodbye to our Community Manager, Jeseekia.

BamBOO Fest

Detroit | Royal Oak


We were excited to celebrate Hallo-weekend with our members on the last Friday of the month! We had movies playing for members to drop in on during their break, candy and popcorn, a Halloween costume contest and party, and tarot readings from one of our members!