November 8, 2023
photo of seven women leaders in Detroit

At Bamboo, each November we celebrate our nonprofit community and encourage our members to give local.

Led by our team member Malika Williams, a non-profit leader herself, we've put together a list of local non-profits to get to know this year. Join us November 16th for a mixer for our nonprofit community.

Meet the following inspiring nonprofit leaders in the Detroit area.

Gateway Grant Writing

Yolanda Hudson, MA, is a proud Detroiter and proprietor of Gateway Grant Writing, a full service nonprofit consulting business. Using the skills she learned as a mother of three and a retired DPS educator with 25 years of teaching experience, she empowers her clients with knowledge adn tools to take their organization to the next level. Gateway Grant Writing services include researching, preparing, and submitting grant proposals, establishing a non-profit status, or delivering fundraising and leadership workships. Learn more:

Safe Haven for Empowerment for Girls

Sheila M Curtis is the founder and president of SHE (Safe Haven of Empowerment) for Girls. SHE's mission is to transform the trajectory of inner-city teen girls by equipping them with tools, resources, and information to make fact-based decisions and take ownership of their future. We accomplish this through mentorship, affirmation, and empowerment activities through nine program modules designed to support her own unique journey. Learn more:

Donate at:

Supreme Transitions

Ericka Murria is a survivor of many things including domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness. Over the past 12 years, she has worked on several task forces, cohorts, and advocacy projects to impact change in Detroit and the black community nationwide. She is a single mother of two daughters, Imani & Alise, who often have attended trainings and participated in her advocacy efforts, including the HBO Documentary Film, “I am Evidence.” In the film Ericka participated as the Luminary and shared her rape survivor story and journey to healing. Ericka holds full ownership of the name “I am Evidence”. It was produced by Actress/Activist Mariska Hargitay

(Joyful Heart Organization) with a partnership with the Michigan Wayne County Prosecutor, Kym Worthy to highlight the Detroit and National problem of rape kit backlogs in all 50 States. This film has won multiple awards and has been recognized internationally by survivors and victims of sexual violence that needed a voice.

Learn more:

Hope for All Women

Shantell Marshall is the founder and CEO of Quint Blessings Hope for all women. This organization was established to help be the bridge for women in order to help them become and remain successful in life. We partner with other organizations to help women obtain resources like Life Coaching, Money Management, Substance and Mental Health, Mother & baby services, domestic violence services and so much more. We not only assist them with obtaining the resources but we ensure their success all the way through.

We utilize insurance and funding from the state for the majority of our programs but Donations and sponsorships play a major role. Quint Blessings is new but it’s powered by God so everything it touches will be a manifestation of greatness.

We accept donations via cash app/Zelle or Cash: $QuintBless-Cash App, Contact: Shantell Marshall (CEO) 586.298.1583. Direct: 586.823.9107 to learn more.

Remembering Cherubs

Remembering Cherubs is a nonprofit resource center for those who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss, primarily in Detroit and southeast Michigan. We understand the need for ongoing support following a loss, and take a unique approach, providing Support, Guidance, and Validation by connecting grieving parents to supportive networks, peer-approved guidance tools, and upholding the belief that each experience is valid––regardless of the nature of the loss. Learn more or support:

Live Outreach

Malika Williams is the founder of a nonprofit organization called The L.I.V.E Outreach. L.I.V.E provides resources and tools to young teens/children in underserved communities. Some programs offer financial literacy, wellness awareness, dietary education, hair care tips and so much more.

Malika's key demographic is the next generation of people; her mission is to provide support, encouragement while innovating effective and efficient solutions to underserved families in the communities. Learn more:

Lupus Detroit

Sharon Harris is the Executive Director of Lupus Detroit. We pride ourselves on assisting Lupus Warriors physically, financially, mentally and emotionally. Learn more: