Member Spotlight: Karmen Elaine

March 14, 2024
Karmen Elaine

Hi, tell us your name and the name of your company! 

Karmen Elaine with Kelainewrites | Kelainephoto

What is the story behind your business? ...What inspired the business, what is your purpose with it, what are your values? 

I’ve always loved connecting with people through hospitality, and since 2020.

I’ve really fallen back in love with writing. My purpose is to help others advocate for themselves. I am able to learn from my own experiences, share my story and connect with others going through similar chapters.

Did you have any experience that changed the trajectory of your business or career? How did you find this opportunity? What did you learn?

Wherever you go, is where you are. Losing my job and career path in 2020, and again this past March, really showed me that I can bet on myself and trust the timing of my life. Through my writing in 2020 I connected with the hospitality industry and learned that my voice matters, and more recently, releasing my ebook, Things I Wish I Knew, really proved that we can do anything we set our minds to. Constantly growing and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones…or rather…recovering when we get pushed out of our comfort zones teaches us to trust ourselves.

Amazing! Now, have you had a great challenge on your journey that caused a transformation or pivot? What insight do you carry with you from this experience?

As a person who is constantly starting a new hobby, it’s challenging to process not “doing it all.” You only have 100%. Pivoting is part of the balance and measuring your worth with your productivity is not the way. 

That is insightful. If there is one thing you hope for the future of your industry, community, or work, what would it be? 

I hope for everyone to hold their power, and to not lose sight of the value of that.

Now, why Bamboo? What do you get most from participating in the community? 

The people the people the people! The resources and it truly being a rejuvenating experience every time I walk through the door. 

That’s so nice to hear. How can our community keep in touch with you? and @thingsiwishiknew.pod on Instagram

Nice to meet you, Karmen!