Member Spotlight: AY Business Advisors Builds a Team at Bamboo

December 5, 2023

At Bamboo, we’re more than a workspace, we’re a diverse community of doers and creatives who go the extra mile to support one another.

Oftentimes, you can get caught up in a busy day, heads down,focused on your work. How do you tap into the community to help you?

Here’s some inspiration from two Bamboo members who found their team through Bamboo’s community. The members met at Bamboo while coworking and, when ready, partnered together to grow which led to the formation of a new business.    

AY Business Advisors

Hassan Ayoub and Sean Youngren met at Bamboo. The two were working for different companies when they first connected.

“I kept seeing Sean around and we just started talking one day,” Hassan said. “Over the course of a year we built our relationship. When I was ready to start my company, I realized he had the skills that matched mine as a business partner.”

Hassan Ayoub and Sean Youngren are now the two co-founders of AY Business Advisors, combining their 40+ years’ experience in strategic planning, financial management and human resources to form a consultancy that helps businesses grow. The firm started in January 2023 and quickly grew into a private office setup at Bamboo in Royal Oak, where the two met.

Now, within a year of operating their business, they’ve grown to eight full-time employees and service over fifty clients. In coming years, they plan to expand their service offerings across the state and delve into international business with an office in Lebanon.  

Hassan & Sean’s advice on participating in the Bamboo Community?

“Every encounter, every conversation, every interaction has the possibility to change the trajectory of your business and your life.  With the constant traffic of talented people moving throughout the building, Bamboo puts the opportunity for a career changing moment front and center every single day. No conversation is too inconsequential – no event is too small – embrace the Bamboo Community and it will embrace you right back!”

AY Business Advisors is focused on helping small businesses, at any stage, size or industry, infuse the business fundamentals that will take their entrepreneurial visions towards a profitable reality.

“AY” is derived from the founder’s last names: Ayoub and Youngren. Learn more about their growing consultancy firm online here.

Bamboo members can also receive a special perk by booking an intro call with the AY Business Advisors team using the link below to connect and learn more: