Member Mail Changes Coming to Bamboo

November 14, 2023

The postal service is implementing a new process for mail receiving agencies (Bamboo) and its members that will make mail receiving more secure and accurate.

To comply with the adjustment, we will now be using the postal service provided database to track the members that receive mail at Bamboo. To get the accurate information for the database, members must fill out PS Form 1583 and verify their IDs with us. We will then upload the form and scanned IDs to the database. 

What does this mean for me right now? 

All members who wish to continue to receive mail will need to fill out and provide this PS Form 1583 to the Bamboo Team, along with two copies of ID that can be verified and scanned by our team. We will keep your information on file privately on your account internally at Bamboo and on file with the Post Office, when their database opens.

What forms of ID are acceptable? 

The post office has a very strict list of forms of ID we can accept. Acceptable forms of Identification: must bring a photo ID AND an address ID.

Photo ID options:

  • U.S. State Driver’s License or Nondriver’s ID Card
  • Territory Driver’s License or Territory Nondriver’s ID Card
  • Tribal Driver’s License or Tribal Nondriver’s ID Card
  • Uniformed Service ID
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Naturalization 
  • U.S. Access Card
  • Matricula Consular
  • U.S. Permanent Resident Card
  • U.S. University ID Card
  • NEXUS Card

Address ID options: MUST contain your home address

  • U.S. State/Territory/Tribal Driver’s or Nondriver’s ID Card
  • Current Lease
  • Home or Vehicle Insurance Policy
  • Mortgage or Deed of Trust
  • Vehicle Registration Card
  • Voter Card

Why is the Post Office making this change?

The Post Office is making these changes in an effort to prevent fraud and provide more reliable mail services at to all who receive mail at a third party business center, coworking space, or entrepreneurial hub.

Who on my team needs to do this step? 

Any team member you wish to authorize to receive your mail must fill out this form and follow this new process. If you have only one team member or one "mail receiver" than just have that main person follow these steps.

When does this need to be completed by? 

We are asking all members to update their account with us by January 1st, 2024. If a member does not update their account, then we are told by the post office they cannot guarantee accurate services fulfilled for your mail needs.

I currently do not use Bamboo for my mail. Can I get this started?

Of course, all members who have a virtual membership or above are able to receive mail at their Bamboo location, complimentary and included in their membership. Many choose to receive mail at Bamboo instead of their home address to establish a professional identity, apply for professional grant and contract opportunities, and use other complimentary perks included in Bamboo members. Just reach out to a team member to get started today or, or visit our website here to learn more about virtual office membership options at Bamboo.


A big thank you from our team!

Thank you so much for working with us on this new process. We know it's unexpected and adds a few minutes to your work day to complete the form and ID requests.

Our team at the front desk will have copies of the form available and able to assist you anytime Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. We will also schedule upcoming informational sessions and sign-up days to make it easier on you and your team to complete. We will also be reaching out directly to all who who currently receiving mail at any Bamboo coworking space location.