How Virtual Offices Help Businesses Launch

March 21, 2023

It wasn’t long ago when working remote work or working from home was the anomaly. 

Now, remote-first and hybrid work styles are becoming the expectation for teams. Businesses are now choosing co-working spaces to setup a virtual office membership and get started. 

What exactly is a virtual office? 

Virtual offices are a professional identity for your business. 

A virtual office is a membership that allows you to use a professional commercial space for mail and packages. At Bamboo, your virtual office can be listed with us in Downtown Detroit or right on main street in Downtown Royal Oak. You can still work from home but customers can see a professional location listed as your business address. 

Virtual offices can open doors to funding

With a mail address presence in a specific city or county, grant funding and other opportunities may open up to you. We see many Detroit virtual office members setting up a mail address to locate themselves in the city. City, States, and municipalities recognize co-working spaces as a home for their business operations. This can be helpful if you’re applying to local grants or contract opportunities. 

Virtual offices can have in-person perks too

Some virtual office memberships do include in-person perks. At Bamboo, virtual members also receive a day pass per month and credit hours for booking conference rooms. This allows you an easy way to tap into space while working mostly virtual. Additionally, you get access to our growing community of business professionals and creatives including virtual networking and in-person events. Working virtual doesn’t mean you’re all alone. 

Considering launching a new business? Register your address with us and get started on your journey. Our team will take care of everything while you focus on your business. Learn more about virtual membership here.