How to Host an Inspiring Team Offsite in Detroit

November 19, 2019

While we get ready to wrap up a successful 2019 and head into the next year, we are also working on preparing our team for growth ahead.

One of the best ways to kick off the New Year is to to host a productive team offsite meeting. Get out of your office for a day or two, and get into a more creative setting to help set the tone right for the new year.

At Bamboo, we’ve been hosting team offsite meetings for companies big and small over the past few years. We love to host any team meeting, and for us we add our own special Detroit experience to it. 

 Below are a few ideas on how to best prepare for a successful team offsite meeting. 

  1. Prepare in advance. Have a clear agenda created. If the team must do any preparation work or reading, send it out with enough time for everyone to arrive on the same page. Double check the supplies needed too before heading in. We’ve always got high-definition TVs, coffee, tea, whiteboards and staff on hand to help you with anything you need at your Detroit offsite meeting.
  2. Hone in on that ONE big goal. You can only do so much in a day or two. Have a clear goal defined for the offsite. Is it strategy for 2020? Or your regional expansion? Launching a new product? Set the goal very clearly, and know you may have sub goals beneath it.  Having a clear goal and outcome in mind helps you stay focused throughout the offsite experience.
  3. Start with a high energy kick-off. Kicking off the meeting on time and with a good tone can change the way the rest of the day goes. Sometimes it can be an ice breaker for fun, a joke or anecdote. Others like to set affirmations on the day. Think about what works best for the team to start off right.
  4. Schedule team building time in Downtown Detroit. Decide in advance on how you’d like to add in team building during this offsite. Will it be throughout it activities or at the end with an off-site dinner or outing? Often we see teams plan a Tigers Game, visit to a new Downtown restaurant, practice team building in an escape room, or go bowling at Punch Bowl Social or  ice skating and shopping at Campus Martius Park nearby. There’s many activities to do Downtown all in walking distance.
  5. Don’t let hanger distract you. Provide a local lunch. Having access to fresh coffee, water, and snacks around can keep everyone feeling good and focused throughout the day. Have a team member assigned to bringing in snacks for the team and to pre-order lunch. We love the local Detroit favorites  for lunch Bucharest Grill, Avalon Bakery,  Mudgies Deli, the Detroit Institute of Bagels, Yum Village who can easily cater or deliver.  Ask our team for more recommendations.
  6. Add in the Detroit overnight stay. If you’re heading off site for more than a day, then you should consider how to make the most of the Downtown Detroit experience. Get your team excited by planning something throughout your visit. With a variety of new boutique hotels open from the Foundation Hotel, Siren Hotel, or Shinola Hotel, you can see about offering a discount or evening in.
  7. Reflect and remember. You may not be able to finish everything in just one day. That’s okay. Make sure to take time to reflect throughout the day during breaks, or assign a leader to take key notes throughout. At the end of our team meetings, we hone in on a few key takeaways. What do you want everyone to leave with? How should they feel? And what should they remember most from this offsite?

BONUS DETROIT GIFTS: Want to got a set further? You can get your team a Detroit made gift to leave with and feel good for the next quarter or year. Just downtown you can pick up chocolates from Bon Bon Bon, a  bottle of wine from House of Pure Vin, or a gift certificate to a great restaurant or self-care spot like The Ten. All of these can make great gifts to giveaway right near Bamboo Detroit.

Ready to get going on your next team offsite? Here’s more information on how to come visit us at Bamboo for your Detroit team off-site meeting. Host your next conference room or event space need with us in Downtown Detroit!