Four Parenting Programs for Members this Fall

August 18, 2020

It’s certainly been a different year for us here at Bamboo.

Many of our members are parenting and working from home this summer and fall as they juggle work, life, pandemic responsibilities and more.  Some, really need that safe space away from home to re-focus their work and be productive.

If you’re in need of safe and quiet space to focus, we’ve crafted a few special and more flexible options for our members to do our part to help adjust to this new normal during the fall. Our team has decided to introduce three flexible new coworking passes and ways we can support your changing needs available now through January 1st, 2020:

1. Bamboo Partner Key Sharing Available -  Need an office but not that much? We understand. We want to help you share and create balance between which partner can come into the office for a quiet day of focused work. Now Bamboo will allow partners at a household to share their membership key with one other person in their household. That way, you can rotate and stagger in when needed without added costs.

2. Youth Rules -  In some cases, we know you teenager may need to get out of the office too and into a focused and quiet space. As needed we’re now allowing members to bring high school aged youth with you to the office. Our team can book private rooms or we can complimentary book private office suites, cleaned and prepared for the day away from home. We hope you can both enjoy quiet, dedicated space, with fast and reliable Internet to focus on school and work together. Contact our team for further requests. 

3. College Student Discount Available - We can't imagine not going to a library to study together, or affording much on your own during college and during a pandemic. If you have a college student or graduate student at home Bamboo can offer a discounted rate of $99/month for the Fall, and 25% off a desk membership. We want to assist supporting online learning in a focused quiet environment for college students. Available through January 1st. 

4. Bonus: Flexible pod space. We do have a larger fully private and easily accessible and spaced away from common areas. If a group of parents or a tutoring company or nonprofit is in need of a safe third space for learning, please contact us to learn more.

Have other ideas to share with us? We're all ears on how we can support you as you balance work and life this fall during Covid-19.