Four ways teams can use coworking for hybrid setups.

February 14, 2023

Four Examples of Hybrid Team Memberships 

Companies of all sizes are now turning to co-working spaces to support their hybrid teams. 

As a team leader, it might be up to you to decide how to set up co-working options for your team. How do you balance perks for all? Can you create a culture of productivity? How do you address the challenges of growth?

As we continue to serve a 1,000+ co-working community at Bamboo, we’ve seen a variety of flexible ways you can support your teams and their hybrid work flow. 

Example 1: Co-working as a culture perk

Let your team create their own schedule, but offer a stipend for co-working. This works well for teams spread out across geographically. It also allows team members to get out of the house and change up their environment. At Bamboo, you can offer stipends for co-working or dedicated desks. I

Example 2: Hoteling in and sharing private spaces. 

Have a team centrally located? Or enough team members in a certain area? Offer them a private office they can use. Many teams are “hoteling” or sharing desks inside a private office. Co-working space are all setup with this often providing furniture, fast wi-fi, great locations, and easy access for your team. 

Example 3: Meetings & off-site collaborations.

Many remote-first or hybrid teams are still leaning on time for meetings. Whether it’s a regular meeting or a quarterly off-site together, co-working spaces like Bamboo Detroit offer venues full equipped to host your next gathering together. Meeting space can be easy to use and include catering and other perks. Learn more about our Detroit and Royal Oak event spaces available for rentals.

Example 4: Coworking as a Team Meetup Event  

Some companies are planning their own “meetups” -- a day where everyone gets together for lunch and co-working in person. This ensures that organic connections are made and allows for relationship building. You can purchase a group of day or week passes, or ask our team fo private space as needed. 

We love to see teams get back together again. 

We hope this helps you as you provide support for your hybrid team. 

Still thinking through your strategy? Need support? 

Reach out to us to discuss ideas anytime. We’re here to help you thrive.