Easy Travel: D2A2 Bus Route Connects Detroit and Ann Arbor

October 31, 2023
D2A2 Bus Route Sign

Bamboo has announced its newest location, Bamboo Ann Arbor

While the city of Ann Arbor is a little under an hour by car from Detroit, many of our members live, work, and travel between these two cities. There are easy bus options now available to make traveling between Bamboo Detroit and Bamboo Ann Arbor a breeze. 

“I’ve happily used the D2A2 bus weekly for the past 18 months. It’s great to be able to spend the ride to and from Detroit working or reading when in the past I would be paying attention to traffic and construction cones. Heavy traffic or bad weather? I don’t think twice - there’s a professional driving," says James Burdine, a Bamboo member. "The bus connects Detroit and Ann Arbor in the kind of way that makes it part of my weekly routine. I can count on it.”

Introducing The D2A2 Bus Route 

The D2A2 bus line travels frequently throughout the day between Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan. This bus route is available for pickup nearby Bamboo Detroit at Grand Circus Park. For $6 per trip, the bus will pick you up in Detroit and drop you off in Downtown Ann Arbor. 

In Detroit - Pickup is at Grand Circus Park (under 5 minutes away from Bamboo Detroit). 

*Pro-Tip: In Detroit, park for free at MGM Casino, about five to ten minutes away from Grand Circus Park. Then you don’t have to worry about parking fees. 

In Ann Arbor - Pickup & Drop Off is at Blake Transit Center (about 10 minutes away from Bamboo Ann Arbor).  

How does it work? 

Book a pass online at their website and choose your time. Or you can get a discount on a bundle of passes. Visit their website to order:  https://d2a2.com/

How frequently does it run? 

There are 16 round trips daily running every 45 minutes between 6am-11pm between Downtown Ann Arbor and Downtown Detroit. A schedule available for weekend travelers as well. Find the full schedule online here.

Who operates the bus route? 

The bus route is operated by the Regional Transit Authority for Southeast Michigan (RTA) in partnership with the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority. 

Is there wifi? 

Yes, there’s reliable wifi and charging stations included for you. Many of our members check email or relax on their way into either city. 

Learn more about this option here: https://d2a2.com/