Detroit Nonprofits & Organizations That Are Helping Businesses Thrive

August 10, 2018

Detroit has established itself as a bustling hub for up-and-coming innovators and groundbreaking business. At the foundation of Detroit’s growth are nonprofits and organizations doing amazing work to help businesses get the support they need to pursue their ventures. 

Detroit Nonprofits & Organizations to Help You...

From funding to networking, these staple businesses and organizations are putting in the work to keep the grind alive in Detroit.

Find Funding

Invest Detroit

With an interest in catering to community development, Invest Detroit is a leading source for private and nonprofit investing. From real-estate development to business revitalization, Invest Detroit handles a broad range of capital expansion for growing businesses.

Detroit Development Fund

Growing a company is no easy (or cheap) task. Luckily, Detroit is home to some of the best capital support organizations out there. Detroit Development Fund uses its founding mission statement to target and support economically distressed neighborhoods to keep Detroit’s entrepreneurial spirit alive all throughout the city.

Level One Bank

Level One Bank is reinventing the start-up scene by providing the know-how building a company requires without compromising the support of a local bank. From investing to volunteering, Level One Bank prides itself in knowing its community and neighbors right in the heart of downtown.

Build Skills & Relationships

Grand Circus

It’s no secret that the tech industry is taking over…well, pretty much, everything. Grand Circus offers coding classes and workshops so your business can gain the technical support needed to go above and beyond the cloud.

Build Institute

Since 2012, the Build Institute has been enriching Detroit with entrepreneurial mentorship. Today, Build Institute is one of the leading organizations for connecting people with brilliant ideas with the right resources, nurturing community, and knowledge to grow successful businesses.

Foodlab Detroit

They say the best way to connect with someone is over food. Foodlab Detroit has embraced this networking tactic by being in the business of supporting and expanding food entrepreneurship in Detroit. In just a few years, Detroit Lab has cultivated a network of food allies, business growth tactics, and social networking events to continue building a good food movement for all.

Women in Digital - Detroit

In just two years, Women In Digital has created a supporting network of thousands of leading women in creative and digital services in cities all over the country--and you guessed it, Detroit is one of them. Knowing that collaborating is the key to success, Women in Digital-Detroit hosts monthly meetup events to inspire creativity, and share knowledge to make the digital world a stronger, more inclusive place.

Get On the Grind

NXT Designs

NXT Designs offers office space and branding services to startups and small businesses all over the country. For founder Justin Morelock, building NXT Designs was a dream come true, so why not build your own dream company in a space designed with the grind in mind?

Newmind Group

Creating a good workspace is not limited to the chair you sit in every day. Newmind Group works with smaller businesses on setting up a tech environment with the capabilities of keeping up with the demand of the start-up industry.