Bamboo’s Theory of Community

August 18, 2021

Bamboo started in 2013, when four friends with diverse backgrounds came together to create a welcoming space for new ideas. In the early days, we had a small space, frequent speakers, and pizza and beer. What really made Bamboo special was this sense of community, a place where anyone could go to connect and work on their next idea. 

Over the years, as we’ve grown, we’ve remained focused on creating a sense of community within our ecosystem. 

Community, as a term, is commonly used but seldom defined or explained and it means something different to everyone. While there is no one right way to define what community is, this is the philosophy and approach that we take at Bamboo. 

Find Ways to Expand Your Network 


Bamboo Ecosystem.png


We’re building an engaged community of entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals. Members can actively participate in the community by finding peer support, attending networking opportunities, and tapping into our local resources. 

Our team fosters peer support by creating opportunities for business owners of similar stages or interests to stay connected and share support along their growth journey. For example, we currently run monthly sessions for our B2B SaaS group for Seed to Series A startups. 

If you stop in at one of our locations, you’ll notice that networking happens all the time, through conversations between desk neighbors, run-ins by the kitchen, and planned member events. Our Community Managers also organize both social and professional events to create opportunities for you to meet new people and expand your network. 





With over 7 years of active contribution to the local ecosystem, Bamboo has built partnerships with local startups to offer you exclusive member benefits and discounts. We also have members in our community who can offer complimentary coaching and legal services to support your personal and professional growth. Our team has years of leadership in the Southeast Michigan startup ecosystem and can also offer connections if you’re looking for a mentor or investor. 

“Take advantage of Bamboo’s opportunities. Show up to events, connect afterwards and ask for what you need. After attending an event, I followed up with a speaker and secured a nationally known advisor which led to helping me close my seed round.”    

— Sergio, Founder & CEO of ToDoolie

Give Back as You Grow 

We value a give-first approach to supporting our members. We hope you too will give back as you grow with us. 

Often, members experience a life cycle of growth. They start out as a solo founder or founding team and grow their team as their business grows, and in some cases, teams may eventually outgrow our space. When this happens, we always encourage members and teams to stay connected and to give back to the community through speaking at events, mentoring or advising other companies, or offering discounts to Bamboo members. This model paves more support for the next round of business owners and entrepreneurs in our ecosystem. 


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Share Your Ideas and Dreams

All ideas are welcome here.

At Bamboo, we value diversity, community, and entrepreneurship. We welcome all ideas and entrepreneurs here. No idea is too big or too small. We serve as the platform for your own creation, through offices, coworking, and ecosystem connections.

Ready to join our community? Learn more about our membership options and get in touch to book a tour!