6 Ways to Tap Into Community

April 4, 2023

Community is built on connections. It can be as easy as making an introduction or being present with us. Bamboo’s growing coworking community has many different ways you can be present to give a connection to someone and also receive one.

Talk to the Community Team

Before we dive into the tools and ways to tap into our community, we want you to know that our community team is always available for you at the front desk. Come have a conversation with us, share your ideas, and ask us for connections. It’s a good day for us if we can help you tap into the community around you!

Use the Member Database

Did you know we have a member database? Inside the Bamboo App is a way to easily search individuals and companies. In order for members to find you, take a moment to fill out your profile. Download the app, log in, and fill in your information. Tell us a little bit about yourself, your areas of expertise, and how to contact you best. Many members list email, LinkedIn, or other social media.

Make sure you list your profile as public in order to be listed in the member dashboard.

Jump Into the Slack Community

Bamboo’s Slack community is available for you to stay connected to one another. There are quite a few channels to use. First, introduce yourself, or if it’s been a while, do a re-introduction in the #intros channel. You can use the #memberasks channel for help or referrals. There’s an events section to post your upcoming events or resources for others, and subgroups too, like #bamboomoms, #bamboodads, #bamboowellness, #blackownedbamboo, #startups, and #gamenight.

Not sure how to use it? Come chat with our team, and we’ll walk you through the Slack tool together.

Make a Connection

How can you help? Make a connection or introduction for someone. Look out for when folks ask for help and jump in if you can recommend someone. Giving first, offering help, and connecting with others is a great way to build your network together with us. At an event, if you notice a member sitting aside, go approach them. Connect members together at an event. Everyone will appreciate the help and guidance.

Offer a Member Perk

Want to make an offer to the community? At the bottom of the app, under "Show All," you’ll see a section for Bamboo Perks. These are often discounts or first phone calls available for other members by our community and national partners. You can list an offer here. Just reach out to our team.

Partner on a Program

Many of our members also like to host office hours, sponsor snacks or lunch talks, or host a workshop or meetup. Above is a photo from a recent member event we hosted with Ber-Henda Williams called the "un-networking night". We love to see our members lead an event. We can list your events in our newsletter for members, make recommendations for members to attend, as well as help you ideate your program at Bamboo.

These are just a few ways we see the community building together at Bamboo.

For just $60/month, you can have a mailing address that acts as a professional identity for your business, as well as access to the above networking community.

Learn more about our community events here and our community membership here.