5 Tips for Teams Downsizing to Coworking

December 28, 2022
Office space photo

Over the past two years we’ve experienced a transformational shift to flexible and hybrid work.

With a recession on the horizon, companies are also downsizing from commercial office space to co-working spaces in order to remain nimble in an uncertain market. 

Co-working spaces like Bamboo Detroit offer short-term memberships and creative setups for your team. These spaces are great options to stay flexible.

Are you downsizing in 2023? 

Here are a few tips on how to downsize your team into a co-working space. 

1. Discuss the “why” when returning to the office. National research tells us that many teams are returning to offices for collaboration and a sense of community. Building relationships with team members in person can elevate a work culture. Some teams are returning to an office to facilitate collaboration, product innovation, or customer relationships. Discuss your “why” first and then you can approach a co-working space to meet your needs. 

2. Decide on a frequency of usage for your core team. Most large teams are not in an office daily. Because of this, a team of thirty may not actually need thirty desks. Often teams share desks and rotate in throughout the week. Software can make it so teams can book desks easily. Discuss and decide on your team's unique frequency. Likely, you don't need a large footprint.

3. Consider your leadership. While a core team may use desks in a private suite, a team leader may require their own privacy. These team leaders may want a different space away from the rest of the team. Consider if you have leaders on site who might benefit from their own private office too.

4. Decide on meeting and collaboration space. A perk of co-working is that your space is setup and ready to go. For example, Bamboo has any meeting spaces setup with furniture, white boards, and technology available for members to book on demand. However, if you have a larger team, you may have a higher frequency of meetings. Consider creating your own branded meeting space, turning an office into a private collaboration space. This can help create a branded experience for your team. It can also be affordable as you downsize your total footprint.

5. Launch a “pilot” phase and use data to measure. Unsure of the frequency your team will be using their new, hip, and smaller office? No problem. Co-working memberships allow for monthly, six month, or annual memberships. This means you can choose an option and pilot it. Some teams may meet more often than, while some may not use it at all. At Bamboo, we can gather data for you on room bookings or check-ins to the space to help you measure usage and be efficient with your membership spend. 

Overall, co-working spaces like Bamboo Detroit provide the best options for flexibility for your team.

They also provide premium amenities employees miss when working from home, a perk for returning to work together in person again.

Choose a partner that can be flexible with your team and support your changing needs. Ask us about options open at Bamboo anytime as you downsize your office or look to try out co-working spaces in Metro Detroit.