4 Low Cost & Easy Ways to Park Downtown

August 22, 2019

While we wait for autonomous vehicles and driverless shuttles to arrive, we know that many of our visitors are coming in from the suburbs and still need parking. It can be easy to park in Downtown Detroit once you get the hang of it.

At Bamboo we’re located on Washington Blvd in a very convenient spot Downtown just a few minutes from the QLINE, the Rosa Parks bus transit center, and surrounded by plenty of street parking or secure parking garages. (See this blog post also for five alternative mobility in Detroit)

We are constantly scoping out the city for the best parking options available. Here are five low cost and easy ways to park in Downtown Detroit.

1. It’s Working: $1 An Hour Street Parking.

The City of Detroit launched a brand new parking app a few years ago and updated all the streets in the core of Downtown Detroit to have parking zones. The app isn’t perfect but it works well. Download “Park Detroit” in your app store and load your vehicle information. Parking is $1 an hour on the street. If you keep the volume on you’ll receive warnings when parking is almost up. If you receive a ticket incorrectly, you can go to the City of Detroit’s website to post photos and get the ticket removed. The city has improved tremendously with how they handle street parking and ticketing. It makes it easy to park and get in for meetings. 

Pro Tip: Many streets perpendicular to Washington or Woodward are overlooked and frequently available for parking on the street, including  Grand River, Clifford Street, and Bagley street. These less busy streets often are open throughout the day. Street parking is also free on holidays and Sundays. It can get busy at lunchtime, or in the evening around a Tigers game, so plan ahead to get a nice street spot.

2. The Detroit Deal: $5 Dollar Street Lots

While there are many nearby garages by Bamboo, such as the City of Detroit Apartments across the street from us, the Griswold Garage behind us, and The Opera House garage just a block or two away, they do charge often $10 a day. However, if you walk just a block or two further to safe and less busy streets such as near Grand River Avenue and Times Square area, there are many surface lots that go down in price to $7-$5 day visits. 

Pro tip: There has not been much car crime or theft in Downtown Detroit these past few years since we’ve been open. However, always be smart and mindful not to leave purses, laptops, or other attractive items out in the open view inside your car and lock your car. Many lots and garages also have staff present throughout the day.

3. Upgrade: Affordable Monthly Passes. 

Don’t want to deal with dropping in? Need passes for your team? Currently some of the best pricing we’re seeing is coming from the Olympia . garages and lots in Downtown Detroit. These parking options also come with  24/7 security, secure parking access with codes to get in, and easy convenient ways to add your team members or pay for a guest visit for the day on your account. Current pricing is as low as $125 per pass. Bedrock also has many secure lots and garages, though pricing and availability varies.

Pro Tip: If you’re just starting to test out working Downtown or moving your team, find out who lives in the city and needs parking first. Test out covering day passes. Once frequency increases, then purchasing a monthly pass may be the way to go.

4.  Free Parking Options. 

All of the Downtown Detroit Casinos offer free parking options to guests in the city. Additionally, the closer you are to the edge of Downtown there is still free parking areas. We do have members who park sometimes 10-15 minutes away and walk to save cost on parking. These options take a bit more time to find and can be less convenient, but are still an option for you. 

Have another parking pro tip to share with us?

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