4 Flex Work Trends this Summer in Detroit

May 26, 2020

At Bamboo, we’re beginning to make design and operational changes putting the safety and wellness of all of our members first. 

We’ve heard from our community that a return to the office will be slow and steady throughout these next few months. While some may work from home, some will start to return. We believe we’ll see more flex work styles throughout this summer to help you stay focused while you work in a way that meets your lifestyle. 

Staggering Arrivals & Office Days In

Our community is telling us that while they may start to return to their office  visits back in will be less frequent. Instead of day to day office use, we’re expecting teams to return one or two days a week to find quiet and focused time outside of the house. We also expect that teams will stagger who goes in and what time they will arrive or use their space. With social distancing, keep in mind, the arrival into an elevator or stairs could take a little longer. 

Flex $30/ Month Parking vs Traditional Monthly Passes

A perk with all the change we're facing is that parking providers are starting to serve you more flexibility too. If you’re coming in just one or two times a week you can subscribe to new $30/month parking options, so you don't have to pay a high monthly rate anymore. Ask our team for more details. 

Ordering Food Delivery vs Kitchen Space 

While many will be keeping kitchen and common area spaces limited, some of our members are looking at creative ways to support their teams and local businesses. Consider ordering lunch from local vendors  or keeping a company tap for ease of ordering and delivering lunch. Other office tenants are looking at adding their own private mini-fridge to their office so they have their own private options for food storage. 

Virtual Work, but Brainstorms In Persons

One of the biggest pain points we’re hearing from working at home is how hard it is to brainstorm together. Nothing quite beats a brainstorm session with a white board and a team. We’re suspecting that while most will still work from home often, those team offsites or in person sessions will start to occur. We’ll be offering private offices and rooms for teams to safely space out, and in the future, with their own private coffee service and white boards. All spaces will be sanitized before and after your arrival. Plus you’ll receive your own personal packaged  sticky notes and markers to avoid sharing materials. 

At Bamboo, we believe the future of flexible work will be here to stay. We’d love to hear from you on ways your team will be working this summer and fall in ways that help us all stay productive and inspired.

Learn more about our tentative reopening plans here.