3 Tools Available at Bamboo for Managing Hybrid Teams

August 28, 2023

At Bamboo, we employ several tools to facilitate the seamless use of our coworking space for hybrid teams as they transition back to office-based collaboration.

These tools are particularly valuable for hybrid teams seeking to reserve desks within private team spaces and manage items such as efficiency of space, frequency of usage, and who is coming in to the office for what type of work. This data can help make facilities management of your hybrid team easier.

Here are a few ways in which Bamboo's tools can enhance your hybrid work setup:

Desk Booking and Scheduling for Office Days. Our members can utilize Bamboo's software system to coordinate hybrid schedules and enhance collaboration. With this system, you can reserve desks, plan weekly work schedules collaboratively, and extend invitations to teammates for office attendance—all directly accessible through the Member Portal. This feature also provides insights into the most frequently used days by your hybrid team, allowing you to adjust both your schedule and office space requirements within the coworking setup.

>How does this help my team? Easy to use to book and share desks inside a private office or team suite. Members can ask their Community Manager to set this up for their account today.

Example of Bamboo's software used to setup a floor plan and allow teams to book desks inside their private office suite.

Example of Bamboo's software showing a hybrid team's work schedule in office at our coworking spaces.

Kisi App for Keyless Access. At Bamboo Detroit's coworking locations, we have replaced physical key cards with a convenient app that functions as a virtual key card for all our members. This streamlined approach simplifies the process of adding or removing team members as your workspace needs evolve. Furthermore, the app tracks the frequency of access to the Bamboo co-working building, offering insights into workspace utilization. Utilizing such user-friendly tools can greatly assist in gauging the effectiveness of your workspace allocation.

>How does this help my team? Easy to use to book desks for a hybrid work schedule, schedule and manage usage. All active coworking members get invited to our Kisi app.

Bamboo Detroit Mobile App for Booking Spaces. Bamboo Detroit also offers a free user-friendly mobile app designed for booking meeting rooms, phone booths, podcast rooms, and other shared amenities within our coworking spaces that you might not use every day but would like to reserve as needed. Teams are all one one account sharing credits to these spaces and booking as they need on demand resources.

>How does this help my team? Easy to use to book amenities and resources shared inside the coworking community on one team account. Members can download the app today.

For more detailed information regarding the above coworking technologies implemented at Bamboo, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.