20 Black Owned Businesses to Support in Metro Detroit

February 21, 2023

Celebrating Black History month in February is cool, but supporting Black Business Owners all year long is way better. Here are 20 Black Owned businesses based in Metro Detroit and the Bamboo Community that you can support every day of the year! 

Michigan Fashion Week 

Michigan Fashion Week was formed in 2012 to showcase and highlight Michigan’s prestigious talent in the fields of fashion design, photography, art and modeling, looking to present their businesses and talents in a professional manner. 


Upton Law PLLC

Michigan attorney Shakeena Melbourne is the “Eraser”. Her team helps erase bad debt, judgments, garnishments and past criminal records! We help business owners in several ways: getting rid of past criminal records (expungement), correcting bad credit (bankruptcy), trademark and copyright (protecting your logo, slogan, or literary work) and providing resources like financial advisement, executive coaching just to name a few. 


Kwanzaa Me 

KwanzaaMe is a lifestyle brand that promotes year round celebration of community and culture. Through our hand-crafted products and programming we make Kwanzaa and it’s universal principles accessible to all. We create products that serve as an heirloom to pass down through generations, a connection to African ancestry, and a commitment to our futures. 


Take Care Studios

Photography by smokeycitrine.com

A multifaceted creative + wellness community.  

We here at Take Care Studios feel that it's important to provide a space outside of our online publication that provides unity, connections, and inspiration so contact us for experience development. Ally Baird is a multi-talented Entrepreneur and Community Organizer, most recently known for her role as a Thought Leader in creating a brand that represents togetherness and self-help for Millennials. 


Ori Studios

Photography by smokeycitrine.com

We view fragrance as an art form; a means of self-expression that allows one to connect deeper with oneself and the world around them. All fragrances are made in small batches to uphold our high-quality standards. Our fragrances are vegan and contain no phthalates or parabens.


Plant Economy 

An inspiring collection of planters, apparel and accessories designed to encourage growth in any space. Join us in celebrating the beauty of plants, as well as the personal growth of plant lovers, botanists, artists, florists – everyone, planting seeds with us for a better future. Our intentions are to uplift and enhance the energy, making wellness contagious and greenery plentiful. Together, we advance wellness and prosperity.


B. Blooming 

Photography by smokeycitrine.com

B. Blooming was started in 2020. B for Brandy and Blooming because we are on a mission to continue blooming, learning, growing and it can be beautiful to watch; just like flowers. B. Blooming started with the need to find joy and passion and then spread it.


Smokey Citrine Fine Jewelry & Art

Photography by smokeycitrine.com

We are Smokey Citrine, a custom jewelry, gemstone, lifestyle art, and herbal shop founded by Citrine LaCroix and Craig Blackmoore. Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals to live a love-filled, natural, and elevated lifestyle through the use of handmade jewelry, rare crystals and gemstones, herbal products, natural experiences, and a peaceful lifestyle.


Floral Therapy Detroit

Floral Therapy Detroit’s purpose is to bring the creative process of floral design, presenting it as a natural, non-evasive form of self-care to Detroit and neighboring communities. Together with other wellness partners in the community, Floral Therapy Detroit seeks to encourage self-expression while reducing stress, promoting positive thinking through the conscious act of mindfulness, and informing the community of the health-related benefits of working with flowers and utilizing other self-care strategies (i.e., yoga, dance, fitness classes, art, creative writing, etc.). 


Dee's Brow Magic

Photography by smokeycitrine.com

Deandra prides herself on working magic to transform your brows, from something you like to something you’ll love. Don't let self- care end with your brows, she can work magic on your skin too! Here is where the magic happens!


Your Personal Jeweler

Photography by smokeycitrine.com

We specialize in custom engagement rings and wedding bands that tell you and your partner's unique love story. The sentimental details are perhaps our favorite. We can incorporate special dates, places, birthstones, heritage, hobbies, and faith to name a few. 


Skinphorea Facial Bar and Acne Clinic 

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We're all about educating! We want our clients to know and understand the importance of picking products with the right skin ingredients for their skin type. Our clients will learn how using clinical grade products will improve their skin's appearance and texture while repairing damaged skin. Our website will provide information on the best ingredients, treatments, and products to use for corrective skin care for all skin types and ethnicities. We'll help you add the sparkle back to your skin!


Oxford Café Detroit

Oxford Cafe Detroit is a Lifestyle brand dedicated to designing premium essential apparel and curating specialty coffee goods for the Cafe Lifestyle enthusiast.

The Cafe Lifestyle is the coffee house mood, contemporary design and clean vibe. Perfect fashion essentials for that "Cafe run." Unique products, goods, and rare coffees curated in small batches for those home office & traveler coffee enthusiasts.


Dare to be Yer’self 

Dare To Be Yer’self is a motivational/inspirational brand that champions individualism and encourages everyone to live as their most authentic self. More specifically, we specialize in apparel that promotes positive sentiments. Based out of Detroit Michigan 


Mamas Be Like LLC

Urban brand apparel for mamas with an edgy appeal. Tramaine Seay is the owner and CEO of Mamas Be Like LLC.  After leaving a career in education, she's become an entrepreneur full time since 2016.


Royalty Gardens 

We blend nature’s best ingredients to create powerful soaps and moisturizers for people with sensitive skin, eczema, and dermatitis. Our handmade products are chemical free and made with love. Restore your confidence with our exotic soaps and skin nourishing moisturizers that will leave your skin clean and clear. Fight acne, eczema, and skin blemishes naturally. Your purchases support our fight against poverty here in Detroit. As we grow, we plan to create sustainable jobs and create leadership opportunities that will restore confidence within communities. 


Green Maids of Detroit

Green Maids of Detroit provides a safer way of cleaning your home and offices.

Our Maids take pride in giving you the most delightful detailed local green clean!

After leaving the restaurant industry, Owner Danielle Hargro began to not only research alternative ways to clean with non-toxic products but affordable cleaning products/services that everyone can benefit from right from your kitchen! And so, this began her journey with creating Green Maids of Detroit by developing a passion for creating The Green Collection which will be available online in 2019.


Kay Klips Photography

Lifestyle, Studio, Event Photographer Based in Detroit, MI


Foundation Management 

Foundation Management LLC is a full-service event management company specializing in both small and large-scale events – with “can-do” fervor and stellar results to match. We specialize in getting the job done right, the first time. We pride ourselves on offering simplistic pricing, smooth processes, and even greater experiences.


Moss Therapy and Wellness, PLLC

Moss Therapy and Wellness, PLLC is a counseling and creative arts psychotherapies practice dedicated to providing unbiased counseling to assist in the mental wellness of individuals, couples and families. We exist to support individuals on their healing journey to overcome anxiety, depression, trauma and life transitions. Our aim is to support clients in gaining a greater awareness of themselves to experience an enriched and fully integrated life.