Comfortable Co-working.

There's no restaurant booths or benches at Bamboo for your co-working. Our Downtown Detroit open co-working community gets high quality office furniture and comfortable seating, with beautiful window views. That way you can enjoy working all day or just for a few hours. No, you'll never worry about having a seat at the table. Our main floor is mostly all co-working. Plus, with 4-5 meeting rooms and private areas, you can always find private space anytime.

Pricing starts at $150 a month.

  • Comfortable seating and access to all main floor

  • Mailing address for your business

  • Event space credits

  • Free tickets to 100+ annual events, workshops, office hours

  • Rocket Fiber Gigabit Business Internet

  • Conference Room Booking

  • Coffee & Tea

  • Printing

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