Events & Meetings

Bamboo Conference Rooms -- Seating for 1 - 15 people

Bamboo has three conference rooms that are always available for half day or full day rental. If you rent a conference room you are treated as a guest on us, including full access to kitchen, free Rocket Fiber WiFi, free coffee and tea, printing, office supplies, TVs and projectors, and main space access.

  • Bamboo Brainstorm Room - This is a creative room will whiteboards, comfy lounge furniture and TV available. Great for small brainstorm sessions or creative getaways! Seating for 6-8 people.

  • Board Room - This is a traditional board room, with TV, whiteboard, and seating for up to 10 people.

  • Workshop / Large Conference Room - This is a casual room set up for workshops and presentations with smaller chair seating fitting up to 15 people. This room ideal for larger talks, classes, and workshops sessions.

More than 20 people attending your meeting or event? No problem! We’ve got other options for you at Bamboo and inside the building.

  • Up to 15, we recommend conference rooms

  • Up to 20-50, we recommend the cafe space

  • More than 50, we recommend the Loft of 1420 on the top level of our building

Bamboo Café Rental -- Ideal for 20 - 50 people

Looking for a space to hold a networking event, training seminar, or retreat? The Bamboo Café is available for private events. Event space rental includes seating for around 30-40 people, with casual networking space for up to 50. You’ll have full access to the kitchen and coffee bar, kitchen supplies, Gigabit Internet, a large roll out television ideal for presentations and talks. There is a separate entrance making it easy to brand and communicate event locations.

How to Use Bamboo’s Event Space

All event inquiries must be sent through our event inquiry form and approved to be confirmed in the space.

As a member you are granted 1 free three hour credit to use the event space per month. Please note the following:

  • How to Book the Bamboo Cafe Space

    • Please send all requests through the event inquiry form.

    • Your event space credit is permitted to be used after 6pm on weekdays, and anytime on a weekend day. There is a limit of up to 70 people for events hosted in the cafe. Please have guests exit the building by 9pm.

    • No alcohol is permitted in the space without permission first from the Bamboo Team. No alcohol is allowed to be for sale or ticketed purchase at Bamboo.

    • Exceptions on timing are only for Bamboo sponsored or partnered events (ie member lunches, sponsored happy hours, etc)

    • Please note that only a contractual member can book an event and must be present the entire time for the event. The member is responsible for all event guests and logistics below. There is no exception to this rule. It is a member perk and not for non-member usage.

  • Upon Arrival - Setup for Event
    • While using the kitchen for the event please be advised that all members in the space are welcome to come in and out to use the kitchen for whatever they need.

    • Entry doors may be open for first 15-20 minutes of event, but must be shut and locked after your attendees arrive and remain that way throughout the event. This keeps our shared office space secure for everyone.

    • Upon arrival please check in with security and remind them of the event. This will help so they can expect and direct your guests.

    • After Usage:

      • It is the member’s responsibility to re-set and clean up after an event. This includes the following:

        • Tables must be wiped down

        • All dishes and utensils should be put in dishwasher

        • Floors should be swept and trash thrown out

        • If the space after your event is not clean there is a $100 cleaning fee charged.

Cancellation Rules

Please be courteous and cancel any room reservations if you are not able to be on site. Members, if you do not cancel any events space booking your credits will be suspended for a month. You are allowed to cancel up to 24 hours before the event is held.

The Loft at 1420 -- Seating up to 250

If you’re looking for a larger venue of 50+ or a more premium setting, Bamboo recommends the Loft at 1420 Washington Blvd. This beautiful floor on the top level of the building we’re located in is a great flexible space for holding events, weddings, corporate gatherings, fundraisers, private parties and more. It can include furniture and setup support as needed. Our members get a special discount and we’re happy to be a promotional partner to support any of your events inside the building.

Available weekdays and weekends. Ratings are offered on a case by case basis. Please fill out the Lofts of 1420 inquiry form. Contact directly.

*Bamboo members get a special discount depending on timing and size of event, and must be verified with management as a member.

*Please note on cafe additional staffing and hours may be added as an additional fee.

Plans & Pricing

Members have free and unlimited access to using Bamboo’s meeting spaces. The cafe is often used as co-working and only available on a limited basis.


Event (Time & Day)

Weekday Evening - Cafe


Weekday Daytime - Cafe


Weekend - Cafe


Conference & Meeting rooms


The Loft at 1420

Non-Member Pricing

$300 / 3 hour minimum fee


$500 for 1/2 day

$1,000 for a full day


$750 for 1/2 day

$1500 for full day


$100 for 3 Hours

$200 for 6 Hours


Weekday before 5pm, $200/hr,

after 5pm $400/hr

Weekend $600/hr, 4 hour min.

Member Pricing

Up to one 3 hour credit monthly Cafe weekday evening or weekend usage per month free, 25% off after


*Weekday daytime usage is offered on limited, special case basis, as it is often just for co-working during the day


Up to one 3 hour credit Cafe weekday evening or weekend use, 25% off after


Members get free, unlimited usage


Members get 10% discount


Space Rental - Q & A

For members and non-members, we welcome you to Bamboo for your event and meetings. We treat all guests as a part of the Bamboo family. That being said here are a few guidelines for using Bamboo:

How do I reserve a conference room? Members can log into cobot anytime for conference rooms. Non-members must email us date, time, # of people, and prefered room. Payment is required up front for non-members to hold the date and accepted online.

What if I cancel my meeting room reservation? There is no cancellation fee for members. Non-members can cancel up to 2 business days in advance for no fee. If less than 48 hour notice, we require full payment.

How do I reserve the cafe space? Members can log into cobot anytime and book the cafe space, minding the usage limit. Non-members must request a quote from us.

Can I bring food and / or beverages? Yes! We are happy to recommend catering options. Coffee and tea is on the house. Please clean up after any events or food.

How do I use the technology? All technology is setup to run on our Rocket Fiber Internet. We provide WiFi. TV’s are already setup to go, and projectors come with HDMI cords. Other accessories, please bring on your own. Let us know if you need the rolling TV or the projector, we will reserve it for you.

Can I set it up another way? Yes, we are open to you changing the room setup as you’d like but you must first notify us for our approval.

I’m done meeting, can I hang out for a bit? Yes, make yourself at home for the day.

Where do I park? Parking is available on the streets all day, you can re-book after time usage, for free in the nearby casino, and in lots all around us. Please view our parking map on our contact page.

How can I layout the cafe?

We’ve seen a variety of creative layouts for the space provided here for guidance. Please review our four recommendations for layouts.

The Traditional layout is perfect for a 30-40 person class or workshop, or casual event. The tables have outlets to guests can power their devices without leaving their seat.

The Panel Layout is great for panel discussions or larger group talks. We recommend a high top layout near the entrance, leaving lots of room for guests to enter in and be seated without being a distraction. The tables have outlets to guests can power their devices without leaving their seat.