Cozy Private Desks.

Ready to get planted into Downtown Detroit's growth? Securing a private desk gives you a comfortable office desk, chair, and locked storage area for your own private workstation. You'll always have your desk set up as you need it. Private desks are in open areas and private rooms both with views of of Downtown Detroit. Perfect for founders wanting to plant a small team, a company seeking to test a remote office, or an individual who craves a dedicated work zone. 


Dedicated Desks start at $250 per month.

Amenities include:

  • Fully furnished Desk w/ storage

  • High quality office chair

  • Mailing address for your business

  • Event space credits

  • Free tickets to 100+ annual events, workshops, office hours

  • Rocket Fiber Gigabit Business Internet

  • Conference Room Booking

  • Coffee & Tea

  • Printing

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