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Brand Love: Connecting with brands the same way we connect with people


The most successful brands are the ones with emotionally attached consumers. As a strong relationship is trustworthy, affirming and committed, so are people’s perceptions of their favorite brands.

If consumers connect with brands the same way they do with people, why wouldn’t brands create themselves to be fully experienced and position themselves as worthy of falling in love with?

This interactive workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how to create authentic consumer relationships, and understand how to connect their product/service with their target audience on a deeper emotional level. As well as for those desiring to develop or reposition their brand successfully. By creating the link between your brand and consumer through the feeling of self-identification, consumer purchases and brand loyalty are strengthened.

Workshop attendees can expect to learn:

  • What consumers desire in a brand

  • How to empathize with your target audience

  • The essential elements required for an emotionally engaging brand

  • Practical strategies for communicating a brand that people will self-identify with in order to create long-term brand value

Seats are limited. Refreshments will be served.

Later Event: June 6
Office Hours with Plant Moran