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Be Heard: Public Speaking Workshop

t's time for the second Be Heard Public speaking workshop. Since the first, I've gotten an overwhelming number of people asking me to bring it back.

Public speaking is one of the most common phobias we experience socially. Unfortunately, we equate the ability to communicate ideas with trustworthiness and intelligence. Most of you have brilliant ideas locked away in your minds, afraid to come out. I've been there. I used to shake like a leaf in front of a crowd. Now after speaking on stages across the country to crowds into the thousands, I've learned a few techniques to quell that fear, create comfort and captivate audiences of all kinds. Now I'll share those tools with you.


Who is this workshop for?

Business Owners / Founders
Corporate Leaders
Anyone Leading Meetings or Presenting Ideas

What will we cover?

Structuring Your Story - Your presentation should have a narrative thread that ties it all together.
Vocal Presentation - Tone, Intonation, Inflection, and Rhythm will make your presentations more compelling.
Identity - You don’t have to pretend to be someone else to be a great speaker. Just be your best self. We’ll cover what that means.
Visual Presentation - Clutter is a presentation’s worst enemy. We’ll go over what a great presentation looks like and how it enhances your overall delivery.


Speaking Testimonials:

"Every time we host Eric Thomas, he fills Bamboo. Our entrepreneurs and creatives leave his workshops feeling inspired and having a real strategy to improve their storytelling and branding. I recommend him highly to anyone interested in this area of marketing."

- Amanda Lewan, Bamboo Detroit

"Very inspirational and planted in today’s reality. Open, honest, raw with a twist of heart-tugging comic relief."

- Lysa Bradford

“@Eric_S_Thomas is not a speaker, he is an entertainer! Love the energy #SMDayDET #SMDayChat #SMDayMI #PureMichigan @SMAMiorg"

"After yesterday I feel like I need an @Eric_S_Thomas uplifting video everyday...that energy is ‘fire’ #DMBC17"

- Eric Hultgren