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Tax Prep Workshop

ax season is upon us, but have no fear. Bamboo member and CPA Kathy McCallum is here to help you prepare. This casual workship session will review the basics of tax filings with you, and any recent changes in tax filings.

+ How to get the most from your tax return

+ What to prepare for tax filing

+ An in-depth Q & A session to answer specific questions for your needs.

Whether you're a freelancer or growing small business, this workshop session will help you better prepare your financials and tax filing.

About Kathy McCallum, CPA & Senior Accountant

Kathy has been providing practical financial reporting and tax guidance to small business owners for more than 25 years. Her industry experience includes: service companies, doctors, dentists, real estate, construction, retail, and restaurants. She and her husband, Ed, are proud residents of Detroit, living in near-by Brush Park.

Areas of Expertise: Accounting, tax planning and preparation for small business and individuals. QuickBooks consulting and training, HUD reporting.