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Top 7 ½ LinkedIn Tips for Entrepreneurs

Sure you know that LinkedIn is the #1 professional site for business, but are you using it effectively as an entrepreneur?

Attend this Bamboo Detroit “members only” lunch and learn event to learn surprisingly simple – yet powerful – techniques to jump start your LinkedIn activity. Bring your laptop and phone with the LinkedIn app installed to this hands-on session. Presented by Brenda Meller whose current social selling index is 86 (see your score at

Brenda Meller

Brenda Meller is the Owner and Marketing Consultant at Meller Marketing (, which provides marketing and social media support for individuals and businesses, specializing in LinkedIn. She has been leveraging social media to propel her personal and professional efforts for over ten years, and now blends this experience with her marketing expertise to help clients achieve their goals.

You can find Brenda Meller and Meller Marketing online on all the major social media channels. Someday soon, she will complete her next goal of writing a book on LinkedIn.

Other Important Facts: Brenda loves coffee, chocolate, and pie. In her downtime, she enjoys jigsaw puzzles. Connect with Brenda: