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Intro To Biases

All of us are biased - it is natural and shouldn't be ignored. Being biased, in and of itself, is not a bad thing; however, allowing it to impact how you treat people or how you act will ultimately impact your profitability and productivity. These biases come become overt discrimination and/or microaggressions. We believe that those with the best of intentions can often cause the most harm simply because of a lack of awareness. Come to this learning session to understand the impact of biases and recognize your own in order to overcome them.

Join us for this free talk at Noon at Bamboo!

About the Speaker

Megan Fuciarelli is an educator and administrator with over 20 years of experience in the social justice realm. Now residing in Michigan, Fuciarelli has spent the bulk of her educational career in the Chicago area. As the Executive Director & Principal Consultant of US2, she works with a team of like-minded individuals whose primary goal is to help Unite Society through equity and inclusion work. US2 provides consulting services to three sectors: Education, Corporate, and Individuals all with the ultimate goal of understanding the impact of bias and the importance of inclusive environments.

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