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Mother Honestly New Year Vision Board Party

Create the best vision for your life in motherhood! We admit, there are lots of vision workshops out there but nothing tailored to your role as a mother. We get it! Which is why are doing things differently, we are creating a vision board party to help you align your goals and ambitions in motherhood. Our vision board party will: 

~ empower you to examine your goals (personal, career, motherhood, business and life) and guide you to providing actionable steps to achieving them in the new year. 

~ help you identify your theme of the year, so you can focus your attention on your intentions, eliminate non-value adding goals and time-wasters that derail our plans.

~ places your personal and family goals at the center of it all because mama needs to feel centered and grounded before hustling

~ guides you to creating a detailed roadmap and implementation strategies that will break your goals down into monthly and quarterly plans for effective deployment throughout the year.

~ encourage you to reflect on previous years and guide you identifying mistakes, missteps and relationships that are no longer serving you, to ensure you start the new year with the best support system 

This board party will be led by:

Blessing Adesiyan, Founder & CEO of Mother Honestly

Melissa Heuler, Business and Life Coach & CEO of Indigo Spa Salon

Lona Bentley, CEO and Creative Director, Life Inspired Plans

Nicole Bopp, COO, Mother Honestly

A vision board will be supplied to all participants. Please bring your inspiration and supplies to this event. Light Refreshment and drinks will be served.