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Growing Your Email Database

You’ve come up with a genius idea to create an online newsletter or a cool offer your customers will love but you have no one to send it to. What do you do? Whether you’re awful about collecting email addresses or aren’t sure how to approach the topic, this hands-on workshop will go over tips and tools to use to capture email addresses with a breeze. After this workshop you’ll be pressing send in no time!

Laptops, tablets or phones are not necessary for this workshop and are optional.

  • How to find your target market
  • Learn creative ways to attract email subscribers
  • Discuss Top 25 ways to grow your email list
  • Why email is still important and how mobile marketing can increase your bottom line
  • Tools to build an email database
  • 5 ways start building your email database today
  • Incorporating social media to grow your email list


About the Teacher

Amanda Jackson consults and provides creative social media and marketing solutions for entrepreneurs, organizations and creatives having a combined total of over fifteen years experience as an entrepreneur, marketing professional, and event promoter.

Amanda is certified in Integrated Marketing, Google Analytics, Google AdWords with a background in marketing management and journalism and is also one of the most searched social media specialists on LinkedIn. Social Marketing by Amanda’s (SMBA) workshop mission is to empower creatives and entrepreneurs by providing education in an easy to understand format with applicable tools and resources.