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Author Visit: Nimrod Kamer at Bamboo Detroit

We are excited to host journalist and author Nimrod Kamer offsite at Bamboo Detroit where he will be in conversation with John Waters to discuss his recent book, "The Social Climber's Handbook: A Shameless Guide."

Some people are obsessively invested in climbing the social ladder. Author Nimrod Kamer (satirist, comedy writer, and journalist) undermines this from within by inserting himself in political and celebrity events. Through the lens of humor and satire, Kamer outlines ways you can penetrate a world obsessed with status.

His resume of shamelessness includes: Uber trolling, penetrating members clubs, and blackmailing Kanye West. He has pestered the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Pierce Brosnanm and numerous other celebrities. In "The Social Climber's Handbook" Kamer collects his findings, so you too can learn the ropes of his mischievous trade. 

You’ll see how to fake a TED talk on your CV, unfollow people and tell them you did, send invoices to wealthy friends for favors you’ve done. This book is full of humorous tips, tricks, and over 60 illustrations showcasing Kamer’s real-life experiences (the self-proclaimed most ambitious social climber alive). 

Some say social climbing is crass and rude, from Kamer’s perspective it’s an appropriate form of class warfare. Throw some shade of your own and shamelessly undermine high society from within. 

NIMROD KAMER is a Gonzo Journalist reporting on special assignments for VICE Magazine, GQ and BBC Newsnight. He is known to insert himself to every possible political and celebrity function on the planet. Every guest list is a challenge for him to overcome. Every rejection is an invite.

Later Event: July 30
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