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Integral Tech Meetup: Programming a Robot Chef


Breaking down seemingly intractable problems can create a pathway to solving the most interesting and rewarding problems in the world today.

As a software engineer, you may want to create a new novel algorithm or be asked to solve a complex architectural problem by your employer; what tools are available to you to help you model the problem?

Functional decomposition is a mathematical technique used to break down large problems of many kinds. It's a powerful skill to have for hobbyists and senior engineers alike, even in the object-oriented climate of the industry today.

We will explore how functional decomposition can be used to break down a large problem, designing the software that parses a recipe into instructions for a robot chef, into testable chunks.

Head down to Bamboo in downtown Detroit to meet local software engineers, listen to a presentation, and enjoy some tasty food and drinks.

6:30 Meetup Start
7:00 Presentation
8:00 Networking
8:30 La Fin

Later Event: April 11
Detroit Dough Tasting