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Visionary+Empaths: Unite!

Visionary + Empaths: Unite!

Are you highly in touch with the feelings and emotions of those around you? You may be an EMPATH! With this gift, you can reach the deepest human emotions and the highest spiritual thoughts. You’re a visionary that dreams of a better world and transformation on the molecular level! 
In this workshop, we will deeply explore what type of Empath you are so that you can: 

Take Aways:

  1. Explore the various types of empaths and what types of gifts they hold. For example, being a Relationship Empath can help you create Sister Circles, social enterprises, create healing retreats and community-centric events.

  2. Get crystal clear on your passion and calling so that you can best serve those you have been called to support.

  3. Understand your “Dark Night of the Soul” is for your good and will bring into your calling.

  4. Explore the Shadow Side of being empathic. We will explore how to create healthy boundaries, energy clearing, and shielding.

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